Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher) provides a Web based platform for authoring, managing, and delivering highly formatted business documents and interactive reports. Businessusers can easily design report layouts from aWeb browser or by using familiar desktop tools, dramatically reducing the time and cost needed to develop and maintain reports. The IT staff and developers can create sharable data models against practically any data source and use BI Publisher APIs to build custom applications leveraging existing data sources and infrastructure. Built on open standards and a scalable architecture, BI Publisher can generate tens of thousands of documents per hour with minimal impact to transactional systems.

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Layout Features

    • Full range of charting capabilities Cross-tab support
    • Conditional formatting
    • Report interactivity: filter, sort, etc.
    • Formulas and Functions
    • Multiple table/forms layout
    • Drill down support
    • Dynamic data column support
    • Watermark support

Data Sources

  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle BI Server
  • Oracle BI Analyses
  • SQL via JDBC to RDBMS
  • MDX to OLAP sources
  • SOAP Web Services
  • HTTP (XML) Feed
  • CSV, Excel, and XML Files
  • Web Center Content

Document Generation​

  • Output formats: Interactive, PDF, HTML, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, Flash, text, CSV, and XML
  • Document merging w/ TOC
  • Batch report generation

Design Tools

  • Web based Layout Editor
  • Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flex Builder, or XML IDEs
  • Easy to use Chart Builder, Table Wizard, Table/Forms insert, Cross-tab Builder

Language Support

  • No dependency on installed language
  • No dependency on database character set
  • Use XLIFF to support multiple languages
  • Font sub setting and embedding eliminates need for expensive language specific printers


  • Schedule reports to execute hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or using a custom calendar
  • Deliver via printer, e-mail, fax, WebDAV, FTP(S), HTTP(S), AS2 or custom channels
  • Report bursting to multiple users and destinations
  • Deliver to the content server and Oracle Cloud Document Services


  • Oracle Fusion Middleware, LDAP, Oracle BI Enterprise Edition, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Database, and Oracle BI Publisher security models
  • Role based authorization and access to report folders and data sources
  • Single sign-on
  • PDF password protection, control on print, copy text etc.
  • PDF Digital Signature
  • Encryption of file based data
  • Secure delivery option with PGP encryption option for FTP


  • Leverage powerful Oracle Fusion Middleware stack for load balancing, high availability and scalability

Highly Formatted Pixel Perfect Reports

Create highly formatted pixel perfect customer facing documents such as invoices, Purchase Orders, Contracts, Statements with check on last page, etc. You can also create reports with advanced features such as fixed row enumeration for invoices; align charts, tabular data and images for printing; insert barcodes, QR Codes and OMR to be read accurately by another device.

Burst documents. Include Attachments

Bursting allows you to send invoices to all your customers on the billing date using a single recurring job. It can be even pay-slips to all your employees on salary day. Now in BI Publisher 12c, you can attach PDF documents stored separately in a content server such as timesheets for pay-slips, or inserts for invoices. You can even create a consolidated single PDF document within voices and attachments bound together.

Data from Anywhere

Combine data from multiple, disparate data sources into a single Data Model sharable across many reports. Whether your data is in a database; an ERP, HR, or CRM application; the Oracle BI Server; a spreadsheet; LDAP server; or available from a Web service or other process, BI Publisher can structure that data, format it, and generate the documents you need.

Secured Data and Delivery

BI Publisher in 12c has ability to secure both data and delivery. Once File Encryption is enabled by Administrator, all new data model based on file data sources will store data as encrypted files on server. For delivery, while SSL is supported for all delivery channels, you can additionally secure your files using PGP encryption via FTP delivery